Value Every Night, Not Just on Tuesdays – New Value Products in Place for the 10th Season

$5 G/A tickets every night, 6 items on the concessions menu for $4 or less - including beer - every night at the ballpark this summer

Every family seeks value and fun – those are consistent themes in every household.

The family pass – an original Sweets ticket product – is still one of the best deals in town if you are going to go to more than 10 games a season. At $2.93 per person per game, it is one of the premier ways in the Walla Walla Valley for families to spend time together at the ballpark. But what if you don’t go to 10 or more games?

Since 2013, the Sweets have offered $2 Tuesday – with select seats at $2, Pepsi drinks at $2 and Rolling Rock beers at $2. Those have been fun – but chaotic. What if you aren’t in town? What if we only have (4) Tuesdays in a season? What if you want to watch a fireworks night, but it isn’t on a Tuesday? It’s tough for families to plan additional details into their schedule based on our schedule. Plus, it created significant operational issues – if 400 people decided at the last second to come to a $2 Tuesday, it made a hustling concessions crew fall far behind the customer demand.

New general manager J.C. Biagi – who didn’t have to stress these details when he was managing the lineup card in the dugout – and team president Zachary Fraser pondered these questions when considering how to continue to provide value to Sweets customers, without diminishing the customer service experience of the entire ballpark.

“Like every promotion, $2 Tuesday had a great run,” said Biagi. “It was the right idea at the time, and created lots of great memories for our fans. Now is the time to innovate again and improve for our customers in 2019.”

The team is doing that by introducing Value Products that are available every single night, not just on Tuesdays. Products in tickets, food and beverage, and merchandise are intended to make sure that every family that comes – from Opening Night to Fan Appreciation – can enjoy the entire ballpark experience. Let’s take a look at what the Sweets are offering this season in this Value experience:

  • Tickets: Every home game will offer (100) $5 General Admission tickets. If buying online, they are located in Section F. If buying at the Sweets Shoppe or the box office at Borleske, customers can ask for the $5 ticket. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Now, a family doesn’t necessarily need to choose between a fireworks game or a game with inexpensive tickets. They can do both.    BUY $5 TICKETS HERE
  • Food & Beverage: The following items will be priced as marked all season long…$1 Freeze Pops and 32 oz fountain waters, $2 cans of Pepsi products and candy bars, $3 Little Lou Hot Dogs and 12 oz Rolling Rock beers, and $4 nachos…every night of the season.
  • Merchandise: The Sweets will have an adjustable, low-profile cap for $9.99 (plus sales tax) and a $12.99 t-shirt every single night at the ballpark.  It’ll will be a nice product – not torn at the seams or with faded ink. A quality hat and t-shirt to allow fans to express their love of the team around town.

The math is pretty good. A family of four can get (4) tickets, (4) hot dogs, and (2) Pepsis and (2) beers – and spend $42 total on the evening. Buy a hat and a shirt and fans are still under $70 for the night – not bad when you consider movie tickets alone would be $46 (!!). Plus, souvenir programs are always complimentary, and our stars stay around to sign autographs each night post-game.

The team will have one designated night each season with even greater added value – when all merchandise in-stadium will be 40% off every Wednesday night (in-stadium only). It’s an additional way to create value for #SweetsCountry.

“We can’t wait to see our loyal fans – back in the ballpark – cheering on our tenth season of Sweets baseball,” said Biagi.

By: Walla Walla Sweets

Date: May 1, 2019