Sweets sponsorship is for businesses that believe in the power of entertainment to make a lifestyle connection with customers.

We invite your business to tap the sales and marketing power of Walla Walla Sweets Baseball by becoming an official team sponsor!

Here’s how:
Differentiating Products From Competitors. A baseball sponsorship provides you with a competitive selling advantage through lifestyle-experience association, and the opportunity to create value-added promotions that competitors cannot duplicate.
Merchandising Opportunities. A baseball tie can bring excitement, color, and uniqueness to your retail displays —and can be merchandised year-round.
Entertaining Clients. Many companies sponsor baseball for the hospitality opportunities. VIP seats, catered pre-game events, mascot photo-ops, and special souvenir items are a few of the ways you can entertain clients at the ballpark.
Heightened Communication. With Walla Walla Sweets Baseball, you’ll be speaking with your consumers—not at them. Unlike a commercial interruption, your message is woven right into the action, reaching consumers while they’re engaged. And, rather than a perfunctory 30-second spot, you have an entire evening to convey your message.
Cross-Promotion. To ensure your promotion dollars work harder, Walla Walla Sweets Baseball encourages co-sponsors to work together to double their visibility. For example, a retail sponsor offering a special discount on team-branded merchandise to consumers that use a financial -service sponsor’s branded debit card.
Turn-Key Partnership. Walla Walla Sweets Baseball has a full-time professional staff committed to helping you achieve maximum return on investment from your sponsorship. We will work with your local staff to coordinate your ballpark communications with your other marketing initiatives, to ensure success at the grassroots level.

Marketing Essentials:

We can offer myriad sponsorship items, from large, eye-catching signage to pocket schedule ads to digital assets and everything in between! Some options include:

12′ (w) x 8′ (h) Outfield Fence sign — This is the place everyone stares at for 3+ hours per game. Make ’em remember your business forever!

Full-Color Souvenir Program Ad — Half-page or full-page program ads offer plenty of visual real estate for serious messaging. Share the page with another advertiser and save!

3′ (w) x 4′ (h) Stadium Concourse Sign — Plant your logo at the ballpark with a high-visibility stadium sign on the concourse wall. Limited availability and placement to help your business stand out!

3.5″ x 2″ Pocket Schedule Ad — Nobody throws away their pocket schedule! 20,000 copies are distributed across the Walla Walla Valley each year.

30-Second Audio/Video Spots — The Sweets stream audio for all home and away games on Mixlr.com, and all home games are streamed on YouTube. Furnish your spots and we’ll feature your business throughout the game. For a bigger impact, sponsor our pregame or postgame shows!

200 px (w) x 400 px (h) Web Ad — WallaWallaSweets.com is the online home for all things Sweets! Link your business to ours and enjoy year-round, high-traffic brand exposure.

Many more options are available! Contact us and we can build a unique advertising package for you!