Skip School, Skip Work and Join Us For the Best “Long Lunch Ever” Game on June 6

You're going to take a lunch anyway - make it a long one with sunshine, some friends, a hot dog and cold drink!

June days in Walla Walla is where heaven resides. The weather is postcard-perfect – high 70s, low 80s, light breezes, the occasional rain to freshen up the Valley. The foothills are a shade of green only found in Walla Walla, right before the wheat begins to mature. The fields are full, and the Blues (mountain variety) earn their nickname. It’s also missed by many baseball fans because the Sweets play most of the games in June at night. Plus, school is still in session for about half the month, and folks are working.

The Sweets are scrapping that – at least for a day – and inviting the community to skip work, skip school – or at least taking a really long lunch. Walla Walla is invited to join us at Borleske for a beautiful early summer DAY game vs. the Corvallis Knights and enjoy the “Best Long Lunch EVER” game.

– Single Game – just go the game solo or with a few friends – tickets start at $5 for select General Admission (Pro Tip: $5 seats are available in SECTION F – enter the number of seats you want, hit “continue” and they automatically update to $5!) – BUY $5 TICKETS HERE
– Grab a Dog and a Soft Drink with your ticket  for your $12 best long lunch ever ticket (Pro Tip: choose seats in B, C, or D and use code 19DayGameSoda at checkout to get the $12 ticket) – BUY $12 HOT DOG/SODA TICKETS HERE
– Grab a Dog and a Beer with your ticket for your $15 REALLY the best long lunch ever ticket (Pro Tip: choose seats in B, C, or D and use code 19DayGameBeer at checkout to get the $15 ticket) – BUY $15 HOT DOG/BEER TICKETS HERE
– Have a group of 10 or more? We can make the price even better for you…email CODY here

Gates will open at 10 AM, with first pitch being thrown at 10:35 AM. More than 500 school-age children – thanks to fun principals and superintendents – are scheduled to attend (with room for more – if your school is interested reach out to Cody Miller for pricing and details). The Walla Walla Noon Rotary has even decided to move their weekly meeting to the stadium’s Key Technology Sweet Spot to take advantage of the bounty of nature, sunshine and fun that happens at a day game.

“It is early enough in the summer season that daytime heat isn’t the issue it could be in July,” said Sweets GM J.C. Biagi. “I love the energy that a sunny day, lots of kids enjoying the game, and friends grabbing a cold drink over lunch at the ballpark can bring.

“Plus, it’d be a rare chance to have dinner with my family at home that night!”

The Sweets have dabbled with day games in the past. In 2010, more than 1,500 people showed up to a day game on June 10. Historically, day games early in the season or on Sundays have proven to be a good model – later (after July 15) tend to be a struggle, primarily because while summer nights in Walla Walla are perfect – summer days are best spent at the pool next door to Borleske Stadium!

For schools and organizations interested in helping your students and employees feel a measure of appreciation heading into the summer, we look forward to inviting you to the park – with our ticket sales team ready to find the best option for your group!

By: Walla Walla Sweets

Date: April 30, 2019