Zach Hangas






College:Ottawa AZ

Residence:Missoula, MT

Hangas, a junior from Ottawa University, was one of the main starters for the Sweets in 2023 and pitched the most innings. Hangas started nine games for Walla Walla and made one appearance out of the bullpen. He posted a 4-2 record with a 3.88 ERA. Hangas also totaled 30 strikeouts over 53.1 innings of work. His best start was July 19 with a 2-1 win over the Springfield Drifters. Hangas pitched a complete game while striking out six and allowing the lone run.

2024 will be the third season in Walla Walla for Hangas, who tossed five games out of the bullpen in 2022. In his first summer, he never pitched more than two innings, and went four games without giving up a run.

With the Spirit, Hangas has already started five games and posted a 2-2 record. In both of his wins, Hangas did not allow a run in 11.1 combined innings. He also struck out 14 batters in 6.1 innings against Bethesda University February 9. Hangas only allowed one hit and two walks in that game, but was getting high in his pitch count which is why he couldn’t finish the seven-inning doubleheader game.