Jalen Gerarden






College:Point Loma Nazarene

Residence:Black Diamond, WA

Jalen Gerarden aka JJ comes from Point Loma Nazarene in San Diego California. Gerarden is an Infielder who primarily works up the middle at Second Base and Shortstop. Gerarden and the Sea Lions are out to a 13-1 start on the young season.  Gerarden has appeared in six games starting four for the Sea Lions where he's batting .214 with 2 RBIs on the year. 

“I’m a team player, I’m going to support the guys around me.” Said Gerarden “I can do a little bit of everything drive the ball in the gaps a little bit drive some runs in, I can lay down a bunt and get the game in motion, as well as just be that solid defensive guy”.