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CCL vs Walla Walla

Tuesday, Jun 22 , 6:35 PM

Next Game

CCL vs Walla Walla

Tuesday, Jun 22 , 6:35 PM

WCL Standings

North W L %
1 Vic 21 6 .778
2 Wen 17 10 .630
3 Pal 12 16 .429
4 Bel 9 16 .360
5 Yak 10 18 .357
6 Kel 7 19 .269
South W L %
1 Cor 21 6 .778
2 Por 15 12 .556
3 Rdg 14 13 .519
4 Cow 14 13 .519
5 WW 12 14 .462
6 Ben 9 18 .333
  • Walla Walla Sweets
  • City: Walla Walla, Wa
  • Stadium:Borleske Stadium
  • Stadium Capacity:2378
  • Ownership:Pacific Baseball Ventures
  • General Manager:Cody Miller
  • Head Coach:Jeff Cirillo
  • Mascot:Sweet Lou
  • Founded:2009
  • WCL Membership:2010
About the Walla Walla Sweets:

The Walla Walla Sweets changed the game in the West Coast League.

Founded in 2009, and starting play in 2010, the Sweets introduced professionally-branded, professionally-operated baseball management to the WCL. The first team in league history to offer products such as print-at-home and mobile-delivered tickets, a focus on fan experience AND the product on the field, and an effort to both integrate in the community and provide ROI to investors, the organization has gone on to become a staple in the Walla Walla Valley.

Leading the league in attendance in 2010 and 2011 - despite playing in the smallest market in the league - the community has built #SweetsCountry into a national brand. Averaging over 40,000 fans per season over the past eight seasons, the Sweets take great pride in being the leader in development of best practices in the WCL. Team founder Zachary Fraser and his staff were recognized for their historic 2010 launch, with Fraser being named WCL Executive of the Year, and the Sweets recognized as the best brand launch in the country among summer collegiate teams.

On the field, the team shocked the league in 2011, knocking league power Wenatchee out of the playoffs and becoming the fastest expansion team to play in the WCL Championship Series in the circuit history.

The team plays home games at Historic Borleske Stadium - the same ballpark that hosted a rookie Ozzie Smith and Tony Gwynn back in its day as the home of the Walla Walla Padres. More than $1M of privately-financed renovations have created a memorable summer experience for all in the Valley.

Sweets Facts:

Hosted the 2012 WCL All-Star Game.

Owned by Pacific Baseball Ventures, the parent company of the Yakima Valley Pippins.

Brand collaboration by Zachary Fraser and Studio Simon of Louisville, KY

More than 50 players who have donned a Sweets uniform have been drafted in the MLB draft.

Team ownership includes the Chairman of the Seattle Mariners (MLB), Tacoma Rainiers (MiLB, AAA Affiliate of the Seattle Mariners), and former MLB All-Star Jeff Cirillo.

Borleske Stadium, the home of the Sweets, was built in 1926. It is the oldest stadium in the WCL circuit. It is also the home to Whitman College Baseball and Walla Walla High School Blue Devil Football

Sweets Stars:
Arturo Reyes (2012, Cardinals)
Eric Yardley (2011, Padres)
Alex Stanford (2011 WCL MVP)
Andrew Mendenhall (2-time All-Star)
Sean Bouchard (2014, Rockies)
Jon Harris (2013, Blue Jays)
Matt Hall (2013, Tigers)

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