Alumni Classic Charity Baseball Game presented by the Walla Walla YMCA

The Alumni Classic presented by the Walla Walla YMCA is a charity baseball game hosted by the Walla Walla Sweets baseball team and Wonderboy Creative. The game, featuring DeSales and Wa-Hi alumni, will take place on July 16, 2018 at 7:00 PM in front of what should be a sold-out crowd at Borleske Stadium. The events success both on and off the field is credited to the high level of enthusiasm and participation by both current and former students, faculty, staff and administrators at Walla Walla Catholic Schools and Walla Walla Public Schools.

“The goal is to help both sides find a fun, unique way to raise needed dollars to help improve the student experience. Maybe the need is in the athletic department, maybe the need is new trombones for the music department. We don’t really have a specific fundraising goal other than to make it a large donation and to have fun with our community while doing it.”

Zachary Fraser, Walla Walla Sweets President

Alumni Game Ticket Sales

Alumni Game ticket sales will begin in May and be ongoing throughout the early part of the Sweets Baseball Season. Special priority for premium seating is offered to Sweets Season Ticket Members, after which sales open up to the general public. A special T-Shirt offering will be made available during the first month of sales where fans and can show their school loyalty and support by purchasing a ticket and t-shirt package designed according to each school’s colors.

Student Ticket Sales Contest

Students at each school are invited to participate in a ticket sales contest where big prizes are on the line for students who sell the most tickets. To inquire about tickets to the Alumni Baseball Game, find a local student to purchase from, call the Sweets Shoppe, or click one of links on this page.

  • Saturday, July 14 – Alumni are invited to the Sweets game against the River City Athletics
  • Sunday, July 15, Time TBA: Players and families are invited out to Borleske for batting practice, food and beverages
  • GAME DAY: Monday, July 16, 7:05 pm players hit the field for a night of Alumni Baseball Action

“I think I speak for many when I say we’re grateful to our schools for the opportunities that we were provided in our youth. As former players, we get to spend time with old friends and teammates while reliving some great memories at a beautifully renovated Borleske. Being able to do so while raising money for current students in our community is an incredible opportunity.”

J.C. Biagi, Wonderboy Co-Founder & DeSales Class of ’00

Alumni Classic Charity Baseball Game

If you are interested in supporting our local schools,
please call the Sweets front office at 509.522.BALL
or contact a local student today to purchase.
Give us a call today!

Click HERE to request more information about purchasing tickets and supporting our local schools!

DeSales Alumni

# Name Height Position Class Highest Level Played
2 Cesar Lopez 6' Infield 2005 NCAA DII
3 Kris Wolfram 5'11" Infield 1998 NCAA DI
5 Nic Richard 5'11" Utility 2005 JUCO
6 Michael Wolford 6' Outfield 1999 HS
7 Donny Biagi 5'11" Infield 1992 NCAA DII
8 Jack Dickson 6' Utility 2006 HS
10 Nic Wiese 5'10" Outfield 2000 HS
11 Ryan Deccio 5'7" Outfield 1999 HS
12 Travis Fouts 6' Outfield 2002 HS
15 Brian Fortin 5'8" Catcher 1999 HS
16 Vince Ortiz 6'2" Utility 2002 HS
20 Zac Ebding 5'8" Utility 2006 HS
22 James Wolford 6'3" Outfield 1997 HS
24 Pat Graham 6' Infield 1992 JUCO
25 Martin Telstad 6'7" Infield 1995 NCAA DIII
31 J.C. Biagi 5'9" Utility 2000 NCAA DI
32 Chris Meliah 5'11" Outfield 1988 NCAA DI
34 Bill Chase 5'10" Utility 1993 JUCO
35 Michael Tompkins 6'3" Infield 2006 NCAA DI

DeSales Coaches

# Name Height Position
21 Kim Cox 5'10 Head Coach
17 Rob Holtzinger 6'2" Assistant Coach
4 Dave Meliah 6'2" Assistant Coach
18 Fr. Jeff Core 6' Team Chaplain

Wa-Hi Alumni

# Name Height Position Class Highest Level Played
2 Chris Figgins NA Utility 1992 HS
3 Jason Magnaghi NA Utility 1998 HS
4 Jay Babbit NA Utility 1998 NCAA DIII
5 Luke Hamada NA Utility 2001 JUCO
6 Ryan Block NA Utility 1995 JUCO (Drafted by Astros)
7 Jason Grove NA Utility 1997 AA (NY Yankees)
8 Zach Armijo NA Utility 2003 HS
9 Zach Widmer NA Utility 2003 HS
10 Jay Jones NA Utility 1998 HS
11 David Blocklinger NA Utility 1993 NCAA DII
12 Dondi Cortinas NA Utility 1989 HS
13 Luke Watson NA Utility 2002 HS
14 David Bingham NA Utility 1989 A (Chicago White Sox)
15 Ben Woiblet NA Utility 1994 NCAA DI
20 Courtney Moore NA Utility 1998 JUCO
21 Travis Grove NA Utility 2000 HS
25 Nate Davin NA Utility 2004 JUCO
31 Rod Harkins NA Utility 1996 NAIA

Wa-Hi Coaches

# Name Height Position
17 Keith Gradwohl 6'1 Head Coach
16 Justin James 6'2" Assistant Coach