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And the Nominees Are…

Vote for the Grand Onion, Fan of the Year beginning Monday, March 18 on the Sweets Facebook Fan Page.

March Madness has arrived in Sweets Country, and that means it is time for the 2013 Grand Onion Fan of the Year Contest. The selection committee, led by chairman Zachary Fraser, met last week to finalize the bracket for the Grand Onion contest. The Sweets 16 tournament voting  will begin Monday, March 18 with voting being conducted on the Walla Walla Sweets Facebook fan page.  The winner will receive a customized Sweet jersey, and will throw out the first pitch at a game during the 2013 season. Here are the contestants for the 2013 Sweets 16 tournament.

Sean McKillip - He is at almost every game, and is also one of the rowdiest fans who works to keep the other fans engaged in the action on the field. He can be heard leading cheers for his “Lou’s Crew” section along the third base line.  

Anthony Riggs -  His love of the game is contagious and often ends up inspiring the fans around him to join in cheering loudly. Watching a game with him is like turning back the page to the first time you ever watched a game. He goes to every game possible, and after being the runner up in last year’s Grand Onion contest Anthony deserves another try.

Dillon Pritchard – Dillon is the 2012 Grand Onion and is back to defend his title. He makes it out to almost every game and cheers for his favorite players with enthusiasm. He loves to watch the catchers most, but is enthusiastic in his cheers for all Sweets players.

Jon Loney – a regular behind home plate, usually with his family, Jon is sporting a pinwheel in his facebook page. He has made it to almost every home game since the start and enjoys taking his wife and kids to the games.

Michelle Conner - In addition to being a season ticket holder since the opening season, Ms. Conner has a passion for the team that cannot be rivaled. From being the team banker, to buying LOTS of hats, to ogling players in their stirrup pants, she goes above and beyond in her love for the Sweets.  In fact on our past five social outings she hasn't been able to shut up about how excited she is for the upcoming season.  Plus, I'm sure she could step in as the team mascot in a pinch, her short stature would make her perfectly suited to Lou's getup!

Rosanna Morgan – One of the host family coordinators for the Sweets, Rosanna makes it to every Sweets game. She sits in the third base section and always participates in fan favorite “Love Is Gone.” She’s also the “K” lady, keeping track of all the Sweets strikeouts.

Jessica Felice – a regular in the cheap seats cheering on Gonzaga products, this home-town girl is all about her hometown team. And Gonzaga.

EmmaLynne Gonzales – A member of Sweet Lou’s Bing Bang Rally Gang, EmmaLynne is always up for a night at the baseball field. She is enthusiastic about all things Sweets related and deserves to be Grand Onion.

Mike Lightfoot - He always arrives early for the home games to get his spot and puts up his “We Believe” sign which can be seen on this attached picture ---which is also his Facebook profile picture.   He has even traveled to out of town games.   He listened of course on the radio to every game when they are out of town too.   He has bought a lot of W2 merchandise as well and have been very vocal at the games—cheering for the boys and team—and of course to help out the officials to make the right call.  He is a devout Walla Walla Sweets Fan.    

Bill Whipple -   Bill Whipple is a nominee for being the calmest and best-behaved of all those who occupy Kathy and Scott Alley-Robertson’s extra seats when the Sweets are on the road.  When the team is in town, however, his enthusiasm and wit occasionally boil over as he disagrees with a call on the field or a waiter takes a bit too long to fetch his chicken sandwich, but every former serviceman (U.S. Marines) in the stadium is entitled to react in that fashion.  Semper Fi, Bill!

Lora Edelman – If you’ve been to a Sweets game, you’ve heard Lora…specifically when players she is hosting with her family are up to bat! Her energetic cheering for the Sweets and her players in infectious.

Ruth Hamilton – whether it is cheering on a player she is hosting or enjoying a girls night at Borleske Stadium, Ruth is a true and dedicated fan of the team. She even decorated a room in her house Sweets colors and theme!

Aaron Page - Aaron was one of two fans who had perfect attendance during the 2011 and 2012 seasons of Sweets baseball! The other was …Harold, his father, of course.

Orville Roeder -   Orville Roeder is a loyal Sweet fan who attended almost all Sweets home games during the 2012 season missing only a few to go on a family vacation. He is a season ticket holder who looks to attend Sweets games with his family during the 2013 season (he was second in line to purchase a Family Pass when it was reintroduced this year) – showing loyalty to both the Sweets and his family!  

Brendan Koch -   Brendan is a devoted Sweets fan who pays attention to all that is going on in Sweets Country and is a loyal follower of posts on the Walla Walla Sweets Facebook fan page. He proudly dons one of the earliest-issued baseball caps for the Sweets, and is part of an ever-growing group of guys willing to walk out onto the field and sing the National Anthem in front of 1,000+ fans.

Rob Betzler – As intense as a fan as he is a little league coach, Rob and his family are at nearly every home game. You can usually see his kids helping the IC Crew with the Les Schwab clean-up in the 7th inning. He also supports the team through chiropractic services and is ready for a return to the playoffs in 2013.

Round One Matchups (voting begins Monday, March 18):
Sean McKillip vs. Rob Betzler
EmmaLynne Gonzales vs. Mike Lightfoot
Jon Loney vs. Aaron Page
Michelle Conner vs. Ruth Hamilton
Anthony Riggs vs. Orville Roeder
Jessica Felice vs. Bill Whipple
Dillon Pritchard vs. Brendan Koch
Rosanna Morgan vs. Lora Edelman