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Sweet Lou


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About Sweet Lou
Sweet Lou, the Walla Walla Sweets official mascot, makes appearances at every Sweets home game and enjoys being around all aspects of the game. Sweet Lou can often be found helping prepare the field before the game, warming up in the bullpen, or greeting fans as they walk into Borleske Stadium. He enjoys walking out for the first onion (even though we are throwing a relative...), standing with the Sweets for the National Anthem and high fiving the team as they are announced during the starting lineups. Pre-game is the best.
Throughout the game, Sweet Lou can be found signing autographs, Racing the Bases, singing along with the crowd to his favorite rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," and of course showing off his sweet dance moves! Lou's favorite part of the game however, is getting to pump his fist after a Sweets victory.



Social Calendar

Sweet Lou will be making appearances at the following events:

We are still locking in Lou's social calendar for the coming season. Check back soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sweet Lou?
Sweet Lou is the beloved mascot of the Walla Walla Sweets Baseball Club. Lou is the friendliest and most energetic onion you’ll ever meet. He’s the life of the party. Lou loves to spend a warm Walla Walla afternoon turned cool summer night at the ball field, taking in a game and enjoying all the festivities Borleske field has to offer. Lou truly is as sweet as they come.

How does Sweet Lou see? Why does he have one eye shut?
It’s not very often you meet an onion with eyes! Sweet Lou is a one of a kind and he sees just like you and me. More often than not you’ll catch Lou winking at the crowd or using his great intimidation tactics of closing one eye to snarl at the opposing team. Lou has perfect 20/20 vision!

How old is Sweet Lou?
Sweet Lou’s green top sprouted through the onion patch soil just a couple years ago. He has grown up to be a perfectly sized and shaped onion, sweet as can be. Any Walla Walla farmer would be proud to have raised such an onion. Farmer (President/COO) Zachary Fraser picked Lou out of the ground just in time for opening night of the Walla Walla Sweets 2010 Inaugural Summer Baseball Season!

Where does Sweet Lou live?

Lou sleeps in the onion patch, but lives at the ball park! Sweet Lou eats and breathes baseball: The smell of the fresh cut grass. The sun shining down on the infield dirt. The smell of a freshly grilled Sweet Lou Dog floating in the air. For Lou, there is nothing better than the crack of the wood bat, chatting it up with the boys in the bullpen, or standing, hat over heart, with his teammates as the national anthem is sung. Lou loves everything about the game. For Lou, baseball is life!

What size shoe does Sweet Lou wear?
Sweet Lou wears a size 19! He is still a young onion with lots of growing to do!

What is Sweet Lou's favorite position on the baseball field?
While Sweet Lou loves chasing down high pop flies in the outfield, he can’t deny his love for the dirt! Infield is where it’s at! Sweet Lou loves to pitch. It’s not uncommon to find Lou out in the bullpen before a game warming up his arm with the bungees and getting in a few practice pitches. He likes to be ready just in case the team gets in a bind late in the game. Sweet Lou thrives under the pressure up there on the mound. He says there’s no better feeling than watching the ball roll off your fingers and zing past a swinging batter, right into the catchers' glove for a called strike three!

What does Sweet Lou do in the off-season?
In the off season Lou has a very strict diet and exercise program specially programmed for him. He will be working out to get in shape for next year’s between inning races - one of these days he'll get the win - Watch out youngsters! In the off-season Lou will also be attending many community functions. Check out his social calendar for specific dates and times!

Can Sweet Lou come to my event?

Sweet Lou would love to come to your event! All you have to do is contact assistant general manager Dan Ferguson at the information listed below. There may be a small fee for your event (even an onion has to eat...) - please check with the team.

lou_natlanthem.JPG Contact Sweet Lou


via Snail Mail
Sweet Lou
c/o Walla Walla Sweets
109 E. Main St. Suite C
Walla Walla, WA 99362

To book Sweet Lou for your event:

Dan Ferguson
(509) 522-BALL (2255)
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